How It Works

Whether you simply have a few questions or would like extensive help managing your financial situation, The Credit Life Coach can help.

Host Your Event

Rosalia Campione has helped thousands manage their credit and taught them how to use credit responsibility. She has spoken on many topics related to credit, building great credit and rebuilding healthy credit the right way. Her goal is to educate on healthy credit and the steps needed to get there by customizing her speech for crowd specification. If you’ re interested in Rosalia speaking for your audience, schedule your event today!

Level Up

If you’re ready to say goodbye to feeling paralyzed by your credit and not seeing the results needed for financial freedom learn how I can help you get back on your feet.

Don’t Quit

One of the biggest misconceptions about credit counseling is that you must be in dire straits to benefit from it. That’s simply not true. Credit counseling can be a good resource for those who would like assistance with their credit and financial plans.

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